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There’s a review of SWITCHING up on The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia. Thanks to Orchid for the great review!

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I was really excited when Jody Kihara, the author of The Frankincense Trail, asked me to review her latest book Switching because her last book was a favorite of mine last year.

One of the things I enjoyed most while reading Switching would have to be the ‘why’ when it came to how Terri and a couple other characters were switching. I found the reason, metal implants and electromagnetism, to be one of the coolest explanations for how a character could bounce around from one decade to the next. What made the time travelling theory in Switching even cooler was that the different metals used had different effects on the person travelling.

While the time travel theory was interesting, one of the best parts of this book is the author’s writing…
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