The Goob Factor

The Goob FactorLike most teens, Jay Gooby is convinced he has it worse than anyone else. His parents don’t fit the normal mold, and he has endured a lifetime of merciless teasing, especially at the hands of his lifelong enemy, Mike Thornley. But Jay has to take on more than just school and hockey when two major events occur: his parents adopt a special needs child, and there’s a freak accident at the hockey rink. Life sure can get a lot more complicated… and at the same time, a lot simpler.

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Great light entertainment

Looking for an easy-to-read, laugh-out-loud novel? Then Goob is your man. Sure it’s not the longest novel out there, but you’ll treasure every laugh and be sure to want to read it over and over. At the same time, the novel has a lot of heart to it too, and you’re sure to be moved towards to end.

Grade 4 students loved reading this for their ‘Coming of Age’ unit

I am a Grade 4 homeroom teacher at an international school in Europe. I printed a ‘The Goob Factor’ for each of my 22 students and they read it as part of their ‘Coming of Age’ unit. They enjoyed it very much and it was very good for going off topic to many other areas of children’s social life at school and their family life and discuss important and challenging situations. It was an appropriate length novel for Grade 4. My students are English second language learners but understood everything with a little dictionary work. A great resource for us as a new school with few resources.