Switching Cover

Every week or two, Terry wakes up in a different time. She’s been ‘switching’ — that’s her word for time traveling — for the past eight months, and she has no recollection of her life before then. She doesn’t know who she is, why she’s time traveling, how to get home, or even when home is.

Then Terry meets some fellow travelers and finds out she’s not alone… and that there might be a way to get home. But the others have their own agendas, and Terry needs to be careful where she places her trust. She finds herself falling for one traveler, but a terrible secret bars his way home. Another traveler is growing desperate, and he doesn’t care who he uses in his attempt to get home… even if it puts them all in danger. Can Terry find a way home before he tries something dangerous? Or will he prevent her from getting home at all?


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Interviews and Reviews

Read an interview about where I got the inspiration for Switching, and some reviews of the book.

Book Extras

The Alternative Cover

When I was designing the cover, there were two backgrounds I couldn’t decide between, so I put it out to a vote! Funny thing, the votes were SO closely split… no wonder I couldn’t make up my mind! But Cover A won out. The interesting thing is, males tended to prefer Cover C, and females Cover C. But the people (both males and females) who preferred Cover C felt very strongly about that one… so it was a tough choice! But one reader pointed out that C looked a bit dystopian, which is not what the story is about. Here are the two contenders together:
Switching Alternate Cover

Jody’s Vision Board

When I’m writing, I often gather up photos of people and things that look like they could be in the story. They help me to ‘stay in the story’… and to keep writing! The most important ones are characters Below is my ‘original Terry’; she’s a bit older than the character, but that fierce look inspired me — even though it’s from a hair product ad!


The original Terry

And here’s the Terry that I found for my cover — she’s so close to what I’d envisioned, I could hardly believe it. I even love that it’s a mug shot; something that could easily happen to Terry!


The final Terry (copyright iStockphoto)

My characters are so real to me that I’ll even see them in out-of story contexts… this one could be a grown-up Terry! I imagine Terry keeping her street-kid toughness, even in the way she dresses.

Older Terry

An older Terry

And then here are some other pieces from the book (WARNING: may contains spoilers!)

Camo shorts

Terry’s camouflage shorts


The rock that reminded Terry of  Joshua’s eyes


…or this one…


Titanium crystals


An x-ray of a clavicle with an orthopedic implant


An EEG (from Wikipedia commons)

Live 8 logo

The Live 8 logo

And then these ones made me laugh:

Seventies Lounge Wear

Seventies lounge wear – proof that the 70s were the decade of bad taste!

Back to the Future

You have to have seen Back to the Future to get this one…


Time Travel