Young Adult fiction

Midway to Obsession
Jenna Maccoby is looking forward to her first real job at the local fairground. But her ideal summer comes crashing to a halt when the body of a teenage girl is found by the side of a road. Suddenly, her small town is on high alert, and Jenna feels like she’s living in a prison. Kept at home with nothing to do, she begins to obsess about Nadia, the deceased girl. Driven by a desire to know her as more than ‘the murdered girl’, she begins to investigate Nadia’s life, and, by implication, her murder. The growing obsession is leading Jenna in to danger, but she is compelled to keep going..

Mid-Grade Fiction

Going Magellan
Mack, a 12-year-old boy living on the streets of London, strikes up a friendship with another homeless child, Karen. Karen’s past is a mystery, as she can’t remember anything prior to one year ago; the only clues to her identity are some strange tattoos on her wrist. Mack, convinced that Karen is different from the rest of the homeless youths, is determined to solve the mystery of who she is. But piecing together the clues puts them on the run from mysterious strangers, and it now seems like Karen now wants to get as far away from the truth as she can.

Chapter Books

The Superhero’s Sidekick
Anna Bream has just run away from home, and the first thing she does is manage to help out a bungling superhero. Everyone, including Mr. Fantastico, seems to think he’s great — the trouble is, he’s not. He’s going to need Anna’s help to catch the mysterious Shadow Man. Which is hard work for a runaway who’s trying to keep out of trouble!